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I know what you are thinking. Oh, no, she wants us to join a gazillion programs to earn money. Well, yes and no, I am posting a few programs here but I am not going to tell you that you can quit your job and do this full time, and make a ton of money because that is not the case. The programs that I have listed are ones that I have actually been paid from by doing an hour or so worth of work whenever I have time to kill. No major payouts, just a little extra spending money.

My advice to you though, if you do decide to sign up for any of these programs is that you should set up an email account dedicated to your programs because they can generate some unwanted email.

I have been a member of MyPoints for years and have earned hundreds of dollars in gift cards by clicking emails and shopping online. You will get offers in your email and you earn so many points for taking advantage of the offers or a lot of times, you get 5 points just for clicking on the link in the email. You earn most of your points from shopping though. Just go to the MyPoints website and then go to whatever online store you want to shop at from there. I can’t even tell you how many points I have earned from shopping at Dell, Walmart,, and Amazon and that is just a few of the places you can shop. Check it out, their website can explain it all way better than I ever could.


Almost all the programs that I belong to, you earn extra money from referrals. This is not one of them. I get nothing for telling you about this one. I have been doing micro jobs for microWorkers for about a month and have been paid about $60 so far. The jobs vary from Google searches to liking/sharing Facebook pages/posts (I have a separate FB account just for this) to testing phone apps. You have to earn $9.00 before you can be paid and the first time you request payment, they have to send you a pin number in the mail which seemed like it took forever to get here but once you get that, you can get paid every Sunday and Wednesday if you have enough in your account and put in a withdrawal request. I know $60 doesn’t seem like a lot for a month but I didn’t have to go anywhere or get dressed to do it. Check it out.


This one is a little more time consuming. It averages out to making about $1.20 an hour if you are a fast clicker and don’t waste a lot of time between ads (you also earn more with referrals and there are account upgrades available). You basically just have to click and watch ads that are mostly worth $.005 for 15 seconds (they have some worth different amounts with shorter and longer durations but most are the 15 second ads). Yes, that is 1/2 cent but it adds up pretty quick. The downside to this one, is that they draw people in with their $2 cash out promise but what they don’t tell you is that every cash out, you have to have $1 more until you get to $10 and then the cash out is $10 from there on out. But, they do pay and they pay instantly. I requested my first $2 and it was in my Paypal account before I could log in to to check. I usually read on my Kindle while doing this one it slows my earning down but it isn’t as boring. I will say though, that some of the articles you get directed to are kind of interesting.


More coming soon!